Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jack the Dog is all business

Jack and I ran 1.5 miles yesterday and 4.5 miles today (22 miles). We are beginning to rack up our 1000 miles and Jack is all business. I see a change in him in the past few days as he takes on his running job. Our trips through the off-leash dog park have changed as Jack focuses more on our running than the other dogs and people. When we are walking I'm simply not that interesting but let me add some speed and he is right by my side and the rest of the world doesn't matter (well maybe that's not entirely true but we're headed in that direction). Jack in on his game and we are now ready to begin our fundraising!
     At the end of our run last evening we spotted the trickster Coyote on the river. It was getting dark and difficult to see him. He was walking on the ice and began to walk towards the bridge when he saw Jack. I tried to photograph him with no luck, he was too far away and it was too dark. I like to think he showed up to wish us a little luck :)

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