Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Graduation day for Jack!

             Jack and I ran 3 miles late this afternoon (Jack 41 miles, Caroline 54 miles). Once again the weather was wonderful. I hope it lasts at least a little while longer to ease the pain of winter. Much to my surprise I enjoy winter running almost as much as warm weather running and actually prefer a day like today to a hot July day. The difficulty with this time of year is getting a run in after work before it gets dark. The days are slowly starting to lengthen but it is still dark by 6:00. The city has done an excellent job of clearing the running path without going all the way to the pavement. By doing this the path maintains a nice cushion of snow that for reasons I don't understand, never becomes slippery. I have not had any injuries (slipping or muscle/joint) running on the winter paths and the surface is easier on Jack's paws than icy pavement.

            Jack graduated last night from his first obedience class. It was very fun and Jack and Skender successfully completed the final course made up of all the lessons we learnt. The pictures above are of our last class and the last two include Rigby, a little friend of Jack's from obedience class and his wonderful owners. Rigby is the most amazing little guy and watching him play with Jack is so funny. The size difference is a bit unnerving at times, especially when Jack takes a swat at Rigby. Rigby doesn't seem to mind but instead jumps up at Jack to get him to play more.  The photos also include Jillian and Karen our course instructors. They run "No Bad Dog" obedience classes and in our case, I have to admit it was equally challenging for them to teach the dog AND the owners!

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