Monday, January 25, 2010

Charlie and Ralph!

Jack and I are making slow progress these days. We ran 6 miles in the past four days (Jack 47 miles, Caroline 61 miles) because it was impossible to run over the weekend with the snow storm. Jack was happy to get out today and meet his buddies at the dog park. In the past two runs we have met a couple very cool dogs, Charlie (at the top) and Ralph (black dog above). Charlie is also a rescue dog, coming from British Columbia. He is absolutely cute and recently arrived with his owners from Vancouver. Jack and Charlie had great fun playing and we were sad to say goodbye and hope to see Charlie and his owner again on our runs. The second dog Ralph, we met today. He is 11 years old but doesn't look it. He plays like a puppy! Jack and Ralph tumbled around in the deep snow until I finally had to grab Jack so Ralph and his owner could carry on with their walk. After a few days of relaxing, Jack was ready today for some winter fun. Tonight he is laid out on the carpet snoozing, no doubt having doggy dreams about playing with his buddies Charlie and Ralph!

1 comment:

  1. The fun of watching dogs play in the snow... too cute.

    I hope you didn't get stuck out there or snowed in too much. I did. My husky is in heaven with all this snow hopping around like a bunny. lol