Friday, July 3, 2009

Saved from Wylie Coyote by a Band of Prairie Dogs!

Back on the trail tonight. I ran five miles (530 miles) and felt pretty good. The most amazing thing happened just after I crossed the Circle Drive Bridge and headed west to the University Bridge. As I was running listening to my music, I heard a high pitched sound, sort of like a loud shriek. The sound was loud enough that it made me stop and look around to see where it was coming from. I noticed that the running path which was normally populated with gophers scurrying about was quiet. It was then I realized I was not alone. In the tall grass a beautiful little coyote, most likely a year old was watching me.  At first I was startled because earlier in the week a young child (I forget where) had been attacked by a coyote in a park. I decided to keep running and let Wylie Coyote get back to his prairie dog hunt. Much to my surprise he came out of the grass and began trotting behind me down the path. I stopped again and looked at him to see if he seemed aggressive, instead he politely stopped and looked back at me. I started running again, and once more my new friend trotted behind me along the path. Remembering that I had my camera with me I decided to take a couple snaps of Wylie before he decided to eat me. It turned out that Wylie was a bit camera shy and walked back into the grass. I managed to get a couple pictures of him before I decided to stop pushing my luck. I sped off putting distance between myself and my little running pal. BEEP BEEP!!!! See you later Wylie!

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