Saturday, July 11, 2009

Running in Yellowknife, NWT!

I arrived in Yellowknife today. What a beautiful place and it feels great to be in the north. I am here for the Circumpolar Health Conference which brings together researchers, front line workers, health care professionals, government and non-government people who work in different countries in the circumpolar region. After I picked up my conference package I decided to go for a quick run. I ran three miles around Frame Lake which is close to downtown. It is a wonderful small lake that has a great walking path. I didn't run the loop around the lake because I wasn't sure how safe it was so I just explored a bit and then ran back to my hotel. After my run I attended the conference opening ceremonies. The pictures above are of two Inuit women who did some drumming and singing. They had a great deal of fun with the audience. The other photograph is of two women from the National Aboriginal Health Organization. They were handing out information about NAHO and the picture is of the three of us holding the volume that I edited for them last year.   

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