Monday, July 20, 2009

The cool people I meet on my Saskatchewan River runs!

I had a very fun run this evening. I was late getting out on the trail and almost decided to leave my camera at home. Instead I grabbed it and hit the trail. On the university side of the river I met the coolest group of kids. There were two groups and after wishing that I had stopped to talk to the first group, I decided to talk to the second group and ask them if I could take their photo for my blog. They looked like they were having a lot of fun hanging out with one another. I found out that they were all part of a big extended family. I felt so lucky to get great photographs of this cool group of kids, however I admit I look like a bit of a goof in the photo with them but I promised all photos, good and bad.
I continued on my run and ran into a pair of newly weds who were having their photograph taken by a professional photographer. They are the first bridal couple on my blog! It was so kind of them to let me interrupt and take a quick picture.  As I turned the corner and left the happy couple I saw two blue ladies walking towards me. I couldn't resist asking for a photograph because they were just so blue! I think they thought I was a bit crazy when I asked if I could take their picture but they politely agreed to pose for my photo. The Royal University Hospital is just behind where I run and the path is a nice place to walk, enjoy our beautiful river and take pleasure in one of our treasured summer evening.

I next met six more people, a beautiful dog and caught two cross country skiers gliding down the path. I chatted with the two women with the dog and found out that one was a professor from the University of Alberta. The dog was absolutely beautiful with a haunting wild look, however his disposition appeared to be more like a cuddly teddy bear. My brief conversations were very nice, so were the smiles and good cheer for my 1000 mile goal. The stress of the day melted away as every turn in the path introduced me to unique and wonderful people from my city.

Just when I thought I had been extraordinarily lucky to meet so many people on my run, I ran into a group of army guys and another beautiful dog. I don't know where they were headed to, but wherever it was they looked quite capable of being fine no matter where they ended up. My final photograph was taken close to home and I just couldn't resist asking these three young women if I could photograph them.  Their colorful dresses were perfect for a summer evening walk along the river. My photograph of the three young women ends my little photo essay, "The people I meet on my Saskatchewan River runs." Looking at these photographs it is easy to see why I love to live in Saskatoon along this wonderful old river. Thanks everyone for the pics! (565 miles). 

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  1. Great pictures Caroline! One of my favourite songs to run to is The Middle by Jimmy Eat World....Mo