Monday, July 27, 2009

I love summer life!

I had a great run tonight adding 5 miles to my thousand mile goal (585 miles). It was a beautiful evening and I met more nice people, including my neighbor's father (picture above). I am beginning my training for the Regina half marathon which involves dropping 5 to 10 pounds, adding more core exercises to complement my running and longer runs of 10-12 miles every 5 or six days offset with shorter runs involving interval training. I would like to improve my time by at least 25 seconds so that I run the half in under 2 hours!  
Pictures above include a dance class at river landing which reminded me of the outdoor latin dance classes and dances held at the port in Old Montreal. If you are in Montreal during the summer make your way down to the port in the evening. It is very festive with people showing off their dance techniques and skill. It was great to see that outdoor dance classes are catching on here also. I hope word gets out and people take advantage of the beautiful setting at River Landing to step, swing, glide and for the adventurous types, dip in rhythm with a favorite partner!

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