Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Closing in on 600 miles

I ran another 6 miles tonight (597 miles). I took a different path that took me into Innovation Place, past the Canadian Light Source, back around to the statue field and across the University bridge. I met a very nice man who was out roller blading. He even offered to lend me an extra pair of roller blades that he had in his truck so I could give it a try. I have never been on roller blades and can't imagine that I wouldn't end up killing myself. 

The river was beautiful tonight as usual. The hot air balloons were floating over the river, the view of the passengers must have been spectacular. My run tonight was a bit of a struggle for the first half because the muscles in my right leg felt tight. I felt a bit better as my legs started to loosen up but I wasn't able to run the extra three miles to reach my 600 mile mark. I guess I'll have to put in the final three miles tomorrow morning. 


  1. Hey Caroline,

    I just read the rest of the whole year's blog. I think I have learned more about you and the wonderful, insightful person that you are than I ever knew or would have gotten to know. You are an inspiration to all. Your blog is so full of detail. The pictures are beautiful and the story is great. I am proud to be your family, MAN!!! Take care and keep running! Luv ya, Colleen.

  2. Hey, what a nice surprise and thank you for your kind words. It is proving to be a fun year. Great seeing you guys at the family reunion and I hope to see you in Saskatoon. Come and visit anytime. Caroline