Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy summer morning on the river

I ran 4 miles (580 miles) this AM. The river was alive with the dragon boat races and the new mogamarthon which is a half marathon, 10Km and 5Km run. It is the first year so not as many runners as some of the other runs. I hope they continue with it so that we have a July run in Saskatoon. The runners above are some of the faster runners, including the lead female in the race. The pictures of the folks in orange was taken just up the street from my house at one of the water stations for the race. What a great group of people. I ran by before the race and they were all smiling so I decided to stop and say hello and score a drink! They were representing the "Ride For Dad" an event that just took place to raise awareness about prostrate cancer (notice the fingers in the photos, they were so funny!:) and the prevention of it. So guys make sure you take that trip to your doctor to get checked out. It is a very treatable cancer if caught in time and prevention is always our friend!

Now I can't be certain but I tried to be at the dragon boat races to catch Graham Construction racing at 8AM. I think these are photos of their race which they came in second (possibly third I couldn't tell from the angle I was standing at and the race was close). Perfect morning for running and paddling! 

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