Friday, August 14, 2009

Visitors from Tunisia

I had a short 3 mile run today (643 miles). I was very tired and my right leg muscles were sore. I guess it was just one of those days. I decided not to run in Sunday's River Run because I have been so tired and stressed out about work. I think it would take too much energy and right now I need all my energy to get through the next six weeks. 
Skender's grandparents are visiting from Tunisia. Even though I am no longer their daughter in-law I love them very much. They are wonderful people and I have a special bond with Skender's grandmother because she was with me when I gave birth to Skender. While Adil was present too, it was very special to have another woman beside me during the delivery. Adil was the only male in the delivery room, with the doctor and nurses all being women. Skender was 10 lbs 3 oz making him a very BIG cute baby. A set of twins were born at the same time and Sken was bigger than both of them combined! After giving birth the hospital asked me what the name of my baby was. Adil was out of the room when they asked so I told them "Skender" (the name Adil wanted). I didn't know how to spell it so I told them it was spelt "S K E N D E R", exactly how it sounds. I found out later that it should be spelt iskander or iskender which means Alexander in english. I love the name, even if I did spell it wrong and the name Skender (just as it is spelt and sounds) suits our guy. He is truly a modern global child with Arabic, African, Metis and European heritage. In his childhood Skender has already traveled to Europe, Mexico, Belize, the Caribbean, United States, Africa and many parts of Canada. Quite a different childhood than mine!
Looking at the pictures above I can see how much Skender looks like his Tunisian family, especially his grandmother. Ben and Aziza are visiting Saskatchewan for three weeks, the last visit being a couple years ago in mid-winter, so I expect they will gain a much better impression of Saskatoon this visit. It is wonderful to hear Skender speak French to them, a credit to his dad's persistence to speak French at home even when Skender prefers not too and to our French emersion school system.
Skender finished his sports camp at the university today. He tried rugby this time and really enjoyed it. The camps are great for children his age because they give the kids a chance to develop their skills in their favorite sport or learn new sports that they may not learn at school. Skender still has his hopes set on learning how to play football, and tells me that when he grows up he wants to play football and ride a motorcycle. Every mother's wish for their child! I don't know whether it is hard wired in boys but he already blocks off play time to watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders' games and the other night stayed up after I went to bed so he could finish watching the game. He came into my room afterwards to let me know they had lost. I slept better knowing : )
The remaining photos are of the Indian and Metis Folk Fest pavilion at the Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Center.  Sken and I did a small amount of volunteering last night at the SIMFC pavilion. It was great to see people I have not seen in awhile including Kathie and Dale (picture above), two of my favorite people. I don't think I"ll get to go to much more of Folk Fest this weekend because of the work I have to plow through over the weekend. I think the forecast is for rain which will help me to stay in door and keep writing.

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