Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glass River

I ran 5 miles this AM (640 miles). It was a perfect morning for running, no wind and the temperature was just right. The river was like glass, with perfect reflections of the bridges, river bank and sky painted on the water.  I met Cooper and his dad for the second day in a row and so couldn't resist stopping them to take a quick picture for my blog. As you can see Cooper is enjoying his ride. I see quite a few parents with their jogging strollers, a wonderful invention along with bike strollers for keeping in shape while raising a young family. Balancing family and fitness is difficult even with the built in exercise that comes with running after toddlers. What is wonderful about the river bank in Saskatoon is that it is designed for families, with lots parks and trails to explore. I know some would like to see our river bank developed more than what is currently planned, but from my point of view we have a lively river bank that has something for everyone. I would hate for us to limit that in anyway. 

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