Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Running in Edmonton

I ran 6.5 miles (657.5 miles) this AM. It wasn't a very nice area of Edmonton to run in, mostly commercial and under construction. I ran from our hotel to the West Edmonton Mall and then decided to run around the perimeter of the mall. It is huge!!!! The day before Kathy, the kids and I visited the mall and did a bit of shopping. This is the first time I have been to the West Edmonton Mall and found it very impressive, particularly the recreational areas. The water park has the most amazing water slides and Skender and Ethan went on every slide. They were so excited. 
We explored most of the mall including walking around the area where the roller coasters and other rides are. Skender had visited the West Edmonton Mall with his dad earlier in the summer and said he preferred the water park over the rides. At the end of the trip we had spent all of our money, the boys had put their fears aside and braved the swift ride down the big red water slide (Sken didn't try it during his visit earlier in the summer), and we all had fancy new clothes to begin September.  

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