Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun in Portland!

We had a great day in Portland. Noela and I ran this AM. We did a short 3 mile run along the river (615 miles). It was a bit cold but we had a good run anyway. The morning conference session was very good and fit well with our session planned for tomorrow. I found a great bookstore, the kind you dream about, new and used all mixed in together. I was told it is the biggest independent bookstore in the United States. I found a couple books that I had been looking for and a few more that I couldn't resist. I even found a 1st edition of Toni Morrison's Beloved. One for Sken, one for a friend and now I have a heavy bag of books to take home. 
Tonight we had a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant and afterwards had fun window shopping on our way back to the hotel. We ended up in Nordstoms and I fell head over heals in love with a beautiful Chanel coat.  It was truly amazing, a work of designer art. I imagined myself putting it on, wrapping myself in the fine flowing fabric. All of this for only $4,300.00!  Oh the dangers of love at first sight! I grabbed my credit card, looked for the nearest exit, and left without looking back! 

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