Sunday, February 22, 2009

Running in the Capital

Hanging out in Ottawa.  Ran three miles today which brings me to an even 160!  I was going to run outside but it is so slushy and slippery that I decided to run indoors. The gym in the hotel was "Africa hot" so I called it quits after 3 miles. 

I have new exercises for my injury. Completely forgot the exercises from physio...a mind like a sieve. Runner's world has an injury prevention edition this month which gives a set of exercises to strengthen abs and glutes which stabilize the pelvis as you run. It is a very good exercise there is a really sexy guy on the magazine cover, bonus girls (and some guys)! It also has the running shoe buyers' guide, which is also very good.

Two days of meetings in the Ottawa to drum up support for the ethical framework project that I'm working on with the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Bill Mussell is joining me from B.C. which is a treat. Bill is a wonderful mentor and these days I certainly need one.  I have had a headache for 4 days straight. Work is really stressful and my personal life is just very sad...well except for Skender...he is great! And yes, I should get a metal for bravery having to face the dating scene once again....ughhhh...middle-age bring this new are not only meeting a person for the first time, but also meeting that person's past...something we didn't have to worry about in our 20s because no one really had a significant past that intruded on the present...think I'll avoid being brave and just focus on running for while longer.

Pictures are of Sken's basketball game on Saturday. He is the guy with the ball and the guy with all the crazy hair in the group photo-back row tallest guy. The other pictures I took today when I looked around Winterlude. The ice sculptures were amazing. The two pictures are actually of one sculpture which was of a horse drawn carriage. It was incredible.    

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