Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last days of grant writing

I ran 5 miles (834 miles) this afternoon. It was nice again, a bit cool but a perfect day for running. We had our civic elections yesterday and the existing city councillors were all returned to City Hall. The election turn out was 6% less than our last civic election. Only 25% of eligible voters voted which is pretty dismal. I consulted with Skender and cast my vote. Only one of the people we voted for failed to get in so we're pretty happy with the election outcome.
We are two days away from submitting our Fire Fighter Mentorship grant. It is about 1.3 million dollars over 5 years. I love this project and I think we may have a good chance of being awarded the funding. If we get the grant it will mean a whole lot of work with some great people and a great program. Cross your fingers that the research gods are with us!   I can't wait to submit the grant because it is the last of three big work tasks that I have had to do in the past four months. I've had no time off except the odd day to clean my house and I can't wait until I can rest, read a good novel, and go out with friends without worrying about ALL THE WORK I have to get done : )

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