Saturday, October 17, 2009

800 miles! Up and down the river

I ran the last 8 miles to hit my 800 mile mark! It was an absolutely beautiful morning, much better than last week. All of the snow is gone and we are back into Autumn weather again. I ran into Gail Hendry and her running group and had some fun with them and a nice visit with Gail. I also met Karen (in black) and Bonnie (with the cute dogs). Bonnie took my 800 mile picture. I ran all the bridges this AM and a little bit more. It is nice that the path into Riversdale is open as it provides another option for running along the river. 
So how far is 800 miles? 800 miles is equivalent to running to Penticton, B.C. a favorite place of mine. While it take approximately 15 hours to drive there it has taken me 10 and half month to get to this point. If I still want to make my goal to run the last 13 miles in Vegas at the Rock n' Roll half marathon I need to run just under 4 miles a day. Supporting this goal is the fact that I can now run 4 miles with no problem, but the downside is finding enough time given my work demands to get to a daily run and of course avoiding injuries and viruses! Go Caroline Go!!!!


  1. Morning Caroline,
    The running group loved the grp picture...who knew we could look so good on a Saturday morning:)
    On a side note...Our dog 'Scout' is the
    off- spring of Bonnie's two dogs...too funny
    See you soon.

  2. Hi Carolyn, I've really enjoyed looking at your blog. All your pictures of the riverbank are beautiful! Thanks for stopping and getting me to take your picture! See you on the trail!