Sunday, September 6, 2009

Running off tenure stress

I ran 7.5 miles this morning (696 miles) after a three day break to let my leg injury heal more. It really helped as I had only minimal pain. It was a great morning for running, a bit windy but the temperature was perfect. I have been spending the weekend finishing up my tenure file. I have it done but need to put the finishing touches on putting it together. At the end of the process I feel like I really don't care if I'm successful or not. I love my work but not when it consumes my whole life. Maybe there is a lesson to learn in this stressful process about priorities and work/life balance. I am so thankful I have my running and my goal that kept me running even when I was tired and feeling overwhelmed. Running along the river this AM, seeing its beauty, noting the seasonal changes, gave me the energy I needed to work more on my tenure application.
I haven't been reading much lately but slowly made my way through Christopher Moore's novel Fluke Or, I know Why the Winged Whales Sings. It was a very fun novel, not as good as Lamb, but a great read with characters such as Whaley  Boys, a Goo and Amelia Earhart. The protagonist even went to the University of Saskatchewan! Once again Moore tells an entertaining and unique story that I would recommend as a fun escape into fantasy.

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