Friday, September 25, 2009


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I am in Halifax and gave a keynote this AM at the Brain Matters Neuroethics conference. I enjoyed giving a talk to this group but the 8:30AM start (5:30 SK) was a bit too early and it took me a while to warm up. It was fun to be among a group of people who are working on ethics, but on such different issues than I am. I was asked great questions after my talk and throughout the day. At the reception last evening I ran into Barbara, a colleague from Ottawa. We took a short run (2.5 miles-745 miles) this afternoon in the pouring rain. We ran part of our run through the gardens near the hotel. It was beautiful. I should add that the hotel was quite nice and I had a beautiful suite (pictures above) that I was sad I could not share with Skender.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. David Healy who also gave a keynote at the conference. He is a brilliant scholar whose work is incredibly important. I wish I would have been more familiar with his research prior to meeting him because I now have a number of questions I would like to ask him. Besides being an influential scholar he is also a great deal of fun, however I completely missed his joke about playing soccer. Now if it would have been hockey...

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