Saturday, September 19, 2009

Autumn Beauty

I ran 5 miles (725 miles) yesterday  and another 5 today (730 miles).  Yesterday I ran into Sharon Bruce on the trail. Sharon was a member of the Just Tri-It group this spring. I also ran into a woman walking four beautiful dogs. They looked so cute that I couldn't help but ask for a photograph. The baby pug was particularly cute. Today on the trail I passed a man and his daugther twice (we were going in opposite directions). The second time I asked for a photo of them for my blog. Turns out he is from South Africa (very unique accent) so we talked about how beautiful Cape Town and other parts of RSA are, I got my picture and away we went in opposite directions. The river bank is changing quickly to autumn colours.  It is so beautiful. My runs the last two days have given me some of the nicest photographs of the year. 
Posers Photography had a gig today taking pictures of Kathy's daughter and her friend for their graduation. The girls looked great and the photos have turned out quite nice. Skender and I started our photography business last year when a good friend of ours asked us if we would take her picture. The pictures were particularly important because she was about to undergo skin cancer treatment on one of her cheeks. It turned out to be a crazy fun experience and the pictures were really nice. I think she was pleased. The best news is that she has made a strong recovery and you cannot even tell where she had her treatment. Skender and I found that we loved taking pictures together so we decided to start our own business, which is not for financial profit when it comes to our friends, but very profitable when it comes to making them happy. We think that makes us a bit of a success : ) 


  1. i am the crazy lady that was walking the four dogs im pleased to be in your blog. best of luck

  2. Thanks Crystal, I loved the dogs and my son liked the picture. He thought your little pug was very cute. Thanks for the picture! Caroline

  3. Hey im glad to see that you adopted a dog from new hope great choice he looks like a great match for you i hope you son loves him. great job with your 1000 miles.