Monday, September 21, 2009

735 miles!

I ran 5 miles late afternoon after returning from a research meeting in Prince Albert with the Firefighters. It was a beautiful day for running but I forgot my camera. Not having it along meant that I had a run without the multiple stops I normally take. It was nice just running even though my leg still felt tight. I think my injury is healing and changing my shoes has made a difference. The pair I am wearing are the ones I wear when I run in races, I forget what brand they are. I normally wear Nike shoes to run so I can record my miles with the chip technology that fits into the shoe. After running different configurations of the river I pretty much know how far the distances are from my house home. 
I registered for the Las Vegas Half Marathon today. Sue, Daryl and their family are traveling with Skender and I to take a week vacation that includes the Rock N' Roll Marathon. My plan is to run an average of 3.5 miles over the next 74 days to land in Las Vegas with 987 miles. This would mean the run would be the last 13 miles of my 1000 miles goal. Doesn't that sound like a fun plan? Apparently there are bands all along the course, people can run as Elvis (I don't plan too :) and you can even get married along the way! (I don't plan to do this either, however with a 1000 miles completed I could if I wanted too-but that's another story).  The marathon begins at 6:30AM so that the people running the full marathon don't get caught in too much heat. Some people can come in after the 5 hour mark which means you are still running at 11 AM when it is starting to get really hot. I hope to run the half in a little under 2 hours to improve my Vancouver 2 hour time. I need to get rid of this injury, get my work load under control so I'm not so tired all the time and focus on racking up a few more miles before I hit Vegas!

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