Monday, September 14, 2009

A beautiful run after the rain

I ran 5 miles (713 miles) late afternoon. It was a nice time to run, just after a rain and the temperature was perfect.  I'm slowly putting on miles. My leg is still bugging me so I'm icing it after my runs and I think it is improving a bit everyday. I need to ask my friends if they have ever had the same problem and if they have any solutions. I know my runs are difficult these days because I'm so exhausted from work. 
The birds on the river are very beautiful and it feels like there are more of them each time I go out for a run. I just about stepped on a garder snake near the end of my run. I tried to snap a picture but he was going to fast. Phoenix, the man on the bike stopped to see if I had run over the snake. He was worried that maybe I had injured it. I assured him that I missed it and he made the bush without a shoe print on his back. Phoenix is living in Saskatoon because of work coming from B.C. where there is little work these day. 
My colleague Jo-Ann Episkenew had a book signing yesterday. Great book, one I think I'll use in my course. I spent Saturday night at the Hilltops football game. It was a good game with the Hilltops winning. The evening was warm, it feels like summer rather than September. I hope it stays for a few more weeks.

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