Tuesday, January 27, 2009

After the honeymoon

Ran 5.16 miles today. Still having difficulty running; My leg is not getting worse but it also not improving so I think I'll make an appointment for physiotherapy next week. I'm now at 85 miles and with this leg problem I'm unsure if I'll make 100 miles before the end of the month. 

Despite the discomfort in my leg I found myself running with a smile as I thought about the wonderful news I had received earlier in the day. My friend Michael (my roommate in Montreal in 1990-1991) e-mailed that he couldn't run with me in Calgary this week because he's in Maui "getting married!!!".  What a great surprise! I met Michael's  girlfriend Kerri late last year and instantly knew "she was the one." They were just so damn happy! We had many laughs over drinks, telling Kerri about our crappy little apartment on Ave du Fort in downtown Montreal (a couple blocks from the old Montreal Forum). Twice Michael arrived at our apartment building on cold winter nights to find me huddled in an Emergency Rescue Bus, waiting to get back into the apartment after being pulled out of the apartment by firemen. Once because of a building fire and the second time because of a bomb scare.  Our year in Montreal was great, we went from barely knowing each other to having a life long friendship that keeps us in hysterics every time we speak or see each other.  So the run with Mike has been postponed until after the honeymoon and I'm very jazzed it will be with Mr. and Mrs. McGovern :)

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