Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It was slow and painful

Well so much for fortune cookie wisdom. Today was the most slow and painful run that I have had in months. It felt like little pain monsters were biting into my flesh and bone, and no matter how hard I tried to shake them off they just sunk their teeth in deeper until I finally cried Uncle!!!!  Two very grueling miles that I logged tonight as two I do not want to repeat. And what about Lance....not a word! I left the gym, grabbed a pint of  Haugen Daus and headed home to veg in front of the TV...tomorrow is another day. 

I'm currently at 69.79 miles, which puts me in a good position to make my first 100 miles by February 1st. So what happens at 100 miles? Well I have this friend, let's  call her my "Good" friend who despite not being a runner herself, tells me she know how to celebrate a 100 mile milestone. I just wish she'd quit leaving those phone message...."are you done yet?" "are you done yet?" You have to admire her devotion to The Cause :) OK just joking, well except the part that she knows how to party. 

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