Monday, January 26, 2009

More time off

Still experiencing pain in my left leg so I haven't run in the past two days. I will try running again tomorrow.  What have I been doing? Reading a great book.  If you're interested in Canadian fiction, Cockroach by Rawi Hage is a great read. It was a finalist for this year's Giller Prize. It is set in Montreal so reading it was extra special from my point of view because the imagery brought back memories of a city I miss terribly.  

Health tip: It has been shown that individuals who drink two or more cups of Oolong Chinese tea a day burn calories at twice the rate of  those who drink traditional green tea.  While studies are preliminary, the tea is believed to increase metabolism making it a healthy weight loss support.  I haven't found the tea yet, and admittedly I have not had time to look very hard.  The tip is in "You Staying Young" by Roizen and Oz, Oprah's favorite doctors. Another great book I highly recommend for those who want to live long and to keep running :)

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  1. Hi Caroline I like your ambition and good luck and I hurt my leg. I try to drink Oolong tea everyday and it is better for in the loose way and I get mine from nutters. Good luck Grant