Thursday, January 22, 2009

Massage Magic

No running today. Went for a massage to try and solve the leg muscle problem. If feels like it worked so I should be able to run again by Saturday. I think I'll give it one more day to rest, well that and I have plans for Friday afterwork drinks with Kathy G. and Pat O  :)  Still working on my priorities.  

Swimming was great. Full class, mostly people around my age and mostly men. Some wanting to swim better for triathlon training, others just wanting to keep up with their children, so I fit in pretty well.   I am definitely at the beginning of a much larger project than a 1000 miles run when it comes to swimming. Not to be discouraged, I'm thinking that mastering a 500m-750m swim by 2012 is realistic (Sprint Triathlon). May seem easy to some but remember I still have 930 miles to run this year and who knows how many the years after.  

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