Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Crisp and Cool Vangroovy!

I ran 5 miles (981 miles) this morning before my meetings. It was wonderful to watch the sun come up and the colours were spectacular. It was cold but still nice for running. I ran along the waterfront and took a set of pictures of the changing sky as the sun rose. I was tired from the meeting yesterday but the run helped to give me some extra energy. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful man, Ron who volunteered to take a picture of me. The last photograph was taken at the airport with Sisley and Gaye two good friends of mine. Gaye and I were in the same meeting the last couple days and Sisley was so kind to come and meet me at the airport for a drink. It was wonderful to see her again and to catch up on each other's life.
Sisley and I became friends in Montreal years ago and we have remained close friends over the years. Sis is an amazing chef and when we lived in the same apartment building on Park Ave in Mile End, Montreal she'd send me to the grocery store to choose whatever veggies, herbs, spices, meat etc. that I wanted and she'd create a fabulous meal from my choices. How fun!!!

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